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Prepper Goals: Are You In A Tight Budget?

Your are into prepping, you collected stuffs, or even buying stuffs but your budget is very tight. You wanted to be have all the things what the prepper has. Well technically you can have them too even in a low budget, practically speaking. Think of a perfect Bug Out Bug! This guy went to a Dollar […]

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Is It Really Possible For A Car Converted Into A Hydrogen Hybrid?

This video demonstrates how to save your money by using hydrogen in your car.   This is the 1998 Ford Ranger converted into hydrogen hybrid and it saves up to 56% of your pocket. Technically, it’s hydrogen on demand hydrogen and would you believe that you can add 1 teaspoon of baking soda as a catalyst in […]

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Electromagnetic Pulse Attack in America?

. What if there is an EMP attack in U.S.? This a serious threat and a global issue that could possibly happens in the near future.   How it would affect us? Worrying about everything, internet, mobile phones, radio and T.V.  malfunctions. ATM and banks are useless during that days. The question is. . . Can […]

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