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A Man Builds $65k Doomsday Bunker

A survivalist bunker showed his $65,000 doomsday bunker with CNN’s Gary Tuchman takes a tour of a remote bunker. As they say, underground shelters are huge financial investments costing a huge amount of money considering the designs and the structures. It’s a way of protecting your family in the future. Here’s a video that a […]

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When Someone’s Trying To Get In, Is Your House Safe and Secure?

Are you alone in your house? Are your kids safe at home? Think about it, guys. We should be aware that somehow, somewhere bad guys will try to get in to your house and we don’t want it to happen. We can protect our home with the following: 1.Security Alarm 2.CCTV 3.Secure Door Locks 4.Secure […]

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