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Survival Hacks That Might Save Your Life & Others Too!

Here’s a very simple survival hack and I bet you’ll agree with me.     Condom, used to to store and save life-giving fluids but not what you have in mind!!!   Crayons make perfect candles due to the paper acting as a wick.   Tin can as a lantern and will keep you bright […]

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How To Eliminate That Annoying Smoke Around The Campfire?

There is always a question, how to build a campfire? In any climbing, exploring, or outdoors survival circumstance a fire is required. In spite of the fact that it might appear like a basically errand, most battle to build an effective pit fire. Also, beginning the fire can be a tough job on the off […]

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This Will Kill You If You Don’t Know How To Survive?

Set your mind! If zombie apocalypse comes are you 101% ready? Are you a survivalist? Preppers may think they have all the right stuff and knows all the basics in prepping. Well, think again for you might miss one. Visit our website for more interesting videos and articles. Likes us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter, […]

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