Prevent Home Invasion

Keep your home safe and secure including your family.  Make your priority on top of the list.


Most burglars are looking for easy target home.


Here’s the tips:


Tip #1 Lock the doors and windows. Make sure to double it.


Tip#2 Make your house well lit at night.


Tip #3 Make it appear someone is at home. Remember “Home Alone” the movie?


Tip #4 Learn to rely on your neighbors. Build a good relationship with your neighbor or just be a good neighbor.


Tip #5 Remove shrubbery from around house. Also, put plant with thorns.


Tip #6 Barking dogs. Small barking dogs.


Tip #7 Put a home security system and home security signs as well for the intruder to have a second thought. But if you are in tight budget you hang a bell on your door or door knob.


Tip #8 Don’t flaunt your wealth. Don’t leave valuable things outside such us bicycle, bbq grills, lawn mower, etc. Store them inside.


Tip #9 Away from home for extended time, don’t post your activity or your whereabouts on your Social Media account s.


Tip #10 Considerations regarding your car. Don’t leave your car unlock.



These may be an inexpensive tips but it will surely help you. Here’s the video to watch.


Source: City Prepping


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